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Dame Elizabeth Frink

British 1930-1933

Elisabeth Frink was a British sculptor and printmaker known for her preoccupation with naturalistic forms and subject matter.

With a lifelong interest in the work of Alberto Giacometti, her range of subject matter included men, birds, dogs, cats, horses, and religious figures.

Frink’s work was often built up from layers of broken and distressed plaster placed on top of a wire armature, which would then be cast in bronze.

Born on November 14, 1930 in Thurlow, England, she went on to study at the Chelsea School of Art with the sculptor Willi Sokoup. As a recognition of her contributions to arts and culture, Frink was one of five women selected to be featured on British postage stamps in 1996. She died on April 18, 1993 in Dorset, England.

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