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Sue Macartney Snape - Stereotypical

'Not so much an observer, more a collector, pinning her victims like butterflies in a display cabinet' Michael Parkinson

'Sue Macartney- Snape belongs to a tradition that runs from William Hogarth to Ronald Searle.’ - Gyles Brandreth

Award winning artist and illustrator of the ‘Social Stereotypes’ column in the Saturday Telegraph, Sue Macartney Snape’s paintings “illustrate the English social scene more brilliantly and with greater accuracy than those of any other painter working today.” John Julius Norwich.

Sue has quite rightly earned her reputation as the finest in her field. She simply has the ability to observe the day to day and the humourous side of life. Observing and revealing the hideous and glorious nature of English Eccentricities and portraying them in a wonderfully humorous way. Her works are funny, truthful, skilled and thoughtful all at once. Sue immortalises these very British characters and the situations they find themselves in perfectly .... we are all familiar with at least one of her characters in our own lives!

Sue has has sell out exhibitions with David Ker, Jonathan Clark and The Sloane Club and has had many commissions, including ones from Glynebourne, The Metropolitan Opera and Barbara Amiel - wife of Lord Conrad Black - a list surely to grow! Macartney Snape won the 2004 Pont Award for drawing the British Character.

We adore Sue's works and what fun to imagine the back stories of these wonderful and unique characters

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