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Rob Churchill

British b.1968

Rob was born in Vancouver.

Aged twenty one, a sense of adventure brought him to Oxford to study architecture which led to further adventures in London and Los Angeles. However, the call of the wild drew him to the Cotswolds to be an artist: to paint, draw and make prints of places and things pleasing and peculiar.

‘The main theme of my practice as an artist over the past several years has been to paint directly in the landscape: en plein air. In doing so, one is immersed in the colours, shapes, lines and forms that the given light articulates. Over the duration of a painting lasting 2 to 4 hours the light changes! So I’ve come to consider these works as records of ‘being there’…over a specific period of time. Sometimes the light fails or the weather conspires to stop play. In these situations, I return to the site if possible or resort to memory. Only when I retreat from the location, away from the comparison to nature (in her majesty!), can I see if I have a painting that has the energy, or life, I seek in my practice as an artist and as a viewer of art.’


The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour (London);

The Foreign Press Association (London);

The Royal West of England Academy (Bristol), The Museum of Oxfordshire (Woodstock),

La Chappelle des Capuchins,  Turenne (France),

The Riva D'Arno Gallery, Florence (Italy)

 Dar Al-Ma'mûn Library, Marrekech (Morocco).

The Old Orchard, Conderton (unframed).jpeg
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