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The Ballet Portfolio 
Emma Kennaway

Discover the beautiful works of our artists at the exhibitions currently on show. We work hard to surprise and innovate, frequently changing our space to carefully compliment our artists’ work. Check out our current gallery showings below and view our calendar for what’s coming up. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you never miss out on any updates.

The Royal Ballet Artist in Residence (2020-2023)

'My last three years working as Artist-in-Residence- for the Birmingham Royal Ballet has been a wonderful privilege.

The impact of Covid-19 on dance had schedules torn up, enforced cancellations and indefinite closures.

Huge consequences ricocheted throughout the creative world from venues not being able to put performances on at all, or to full capacity.

'My role as a quiet observer has given me an insight into the amazing dedication, artistic creativity, and the sheer resilience of all who make up the Company'.


Oil on canvas

115 x 90 cms

Emma K Photo.jpg

Art by Nature

Emma Kennaway was educated in Scotland and England before going to study at The Ruskin School of Fine Art at Oxford.

She arrived at a time when a thorough grounding in painting and drawing were central to the course.

 Her paintings are held in numerous collections world-wide. 

Emma  Artist in Residence with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, but continues to paint portraits, both human and equine.

Dynamic & Delicate

'The Snow Fairy'

Oil on canvas

55 x 70 cm

IMG_6696 2.heic

Meet Beth Swaab

I am Beth Swaab, creator of Bink Fine Art. I am based in the Cotswolds but work with clients all over the world. That is the beauty of my art buying service, there are no borders when it comes to sourcing and selling.

I have spent my life working in the artworld, handling works from across the centuries particularly focusing on Impressionist works through to Modern British mixed with a little Post Modern.

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Your art buying journey

Start your art buying journey with Bink by exploring the current works I have available but remember this is only a snapshot of the art I can source for you. These pieces are ready to join your collection today please do ask if you would like to learn more. 

If you find a style you like, or your heart and your feet are pulling you in different directions then get in touch.

Once you have made contact, I will arrange a time to get to know you and support you all the way to buying a suitable piece.

We can explore the life and works of a particular artist, subject matter, or period. Often this leads on to routes you may not have expected to take, you might even surprise yourself!

No matter what, we will find a direction to suit your taste and budget.

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